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Gewalt in Ihrer Familie

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 Spendenkonto - Dimicare Anneliese Langner Stiftung


Dimicare Foundation – Support for maltreated children and women

Dimicare Foundation

The Dimicare Foundation was founded by Mrs Anneliese Langner in 2007 as an operative foundation to develop, establish and accompany selected projects in Berlin and Hamburg. Its aim is to help children of the age of 0-10 years and their mother to free themselves from inhumane conditions.

Scientific studies have shown that a loving care at home and an understanding education by a confidant are decisive for the mental and physical development and the enhancement of children’s creativity.

Socially under-privileged children and their mothers easily get into the vicious circle of poverty, neglect, maltreatment, unless they can consult a person of confidence for advice and protection.

In the media we almost read or hear every day about tragedies in families, in particular in families with small children. Public authorities are often overburdened and act late. The Dimicare Foundation wants to help children and mothers in specific cases to make a new start for a better life in dignity.

In privileged families, too, children and their mothers are often exposed to humiliating conditions, which violate their human rights. Apart from physical and mental abuse, women are forced to sign contracts without access to legal advice, which have fatal consequences for themselves and their children. For women from a well-to-do background the barrier to seek
assistance and advice is often particularly high since they are financially dependent and fear to be socially ostracized.

The Dimicare Foundation of Anneliese Langner pursues the following objectives:

Support of needy persons and help for victims of crimes, particularly by mental, practical and financial sponsorship of a
secure livelihood for children and women

Counselling for women and children in issues of health and family and life planning

Assistance in school and further education